Great Barrier Reef: Must-Do Snorkelling Destinations

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The world-famous Great Barrier Reef is home to a variety of fascinating destinations for snorkelling. These range from incredible sites to completely isolated islands with white sand  and crystal-clear water.

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1. Bramble Bommie

Considered one of the most beautiful Great Barrier Reef destinations, Bramble Bonnie is a large pinnacle that stretches from about five to seven metres below sea level right down to 25 metres deep. It attracts a variety of marine life, including large silvery fusiliers, white tip reef  sharks, anemones and myriad reef fish of all colours, shapes and sizes.

The visibility is exceptional on a great day. Combine this with the extent of things to see and you can understand why this is a favourite among instructors and newbies alike. Snorkellers who can duck dive will particularly love exploring the vibrant depths of this coral site.


2. Ribbon Reef

Ribbon Reef is a veritable snorkelling and diving destination in itself. The reef is home to numerous locales that are rarely visited and still retain some of the most pristine coral gardens and remote pinnacles on the Great Barrier Reef.

Each snorkelling spot on Ribbon Reef has its own unique draw. For instance, Steve’s Bommie is known for attracting reef sharks, rays and trevally. Lighthouse Bommie, meanwhile, is a great place to spot minke whales, while Cod Hole is famed for its huge potato cods. The rest of Ribbon Reef’s locales, such as Temple of Doom and Dynamite Pass, often dish up curtains of fish, shark sightings and enchanting scenery.


3. Walker Reef

Walker Reef is revered for its marine life. The ‘Crevice Wall’ and swim-throughs create a breeding ground for a variety of exotic fish hiding and living in the crevices. These range from red bass and spotted sweetlip to coral trout and red emperor.

If you venture off the main reef wall, you can also explore a group of bommies typically home to fusiliers, white tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, turtles, moray eels and anemones. It can honestly be a bit of an overload of colour and life for snorkellers and divers. However, the relative shallowness of the wall and bommies, which only go as deep as 18 metres, makes this an ideal Great Barrier Reef destination for beginners.


4. Fantome Island

Located about 20 minutes boat ride from Orpheus Island, Fantome Island is a secluded isle and one of the most picturesque Great Barrier Reef destinations. It has a beautiful bay, crystalline water, a sandy base and a vibrant coral garden.

And don’t get us started about the creatures you can see here. You can expect to be surrounded by schools of tropical fish, including angel, damsel and parrot varieties. It’s also not uncommon to be sharing the water with white tip reef sharks, turtles and stingrays. Manta rays are also a regular sight during winter.



Discover the Best Snorkelling Spots On The Great Barrier Reef


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