Why a Luxury Yacht Charter is the Ultimate Holiday

luxury yacht charter great barrier reef

Is a private yacht charter around the Great Barrier Reef at the top of your Australian luxury holiday list? It will be once you see what’s possible aboard the opulent M.Y. Flying Fish. This incredible yacht not only offers a range of extravagant features, but also lets you access some of the Great Barrier Reef’s most uncharted areas. 

Here are more reasons why your next luxury holiday should be on the M.Y. Flying Fish.


  1. Chef-prepared meals 

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No luxury yacht charter would be complete without gourmet dining. Fortunately, the expert chef aboard the M.Y. Flying Fish knows how to turn the fresh local produce into delectable meals.

Do you prefer dining off the land or sea? You’ll have your choice of both, with seasonal produce served to the highest standard. Our chefs complement the region’s foodie spoils with a range of seasonal flavours that will leave your taste buds utterly satisfied. 


  1. Access to the best fishing locales and remote sandy cays 

Sure, you could stay on a private island resort or at a hotel. But you’ll be limited in where you can go and what you can see. On a yacht charter you have exclusive access to the Great Barrier Reef’s best fishing spots, isolated sandy cays and untouched snorkelling and diving areas. 

The M.Y. Flying Fish comes with a tender jet boat, which is ideal for reaching any islands or reefs. You can cast a line out for some fresh reef fish to put on the barbecue that night, enjoy your very own private reef or simply sunbathe on an uninhabited island in the middle of paradise. 


  1. Private and spacious living quarters 

great barrier reef luxury yacht charter

Something that sets the M.Y. Flying Fish apart from other luxury holidays is the immense size and extravagant style of its staterooms. Set across the three decks, these spacious living quarters have mahogany finishes, plush furnishings and timeless elegance. All four staterooms have their own ensuite, including an utterly divine Master Stateroom with a king-size bed and a spa bath. 

We promise you, you won’t be feeling confined whilst aboard this generous sized yacht.


  1. Personal helipad 

great barrier reef private yacht cruise

Just picture it: You’re relaxing on the alfresco sundeck of the M.Y. Flying Fish and decide you’d like to explore the reef from the air. So you stroll to the luxury yacht’s helipad, hop into the helicopter with your pilot and take off to witness the vibrant Great Barrier Reef from above.

That’s not a daydream; that’s reality when you’re staying on the M.Y. Flying Fish. The yacht’s helipad gives you even more freedom to discover the natural wonders and beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. It’s just one element that makes this yacht one of the best luxury holidays in Australia. 


  1. Snorkelling, kayaking and fishing gear provided 

When you’re on the M.Y. Flying Fish, there’s no need to pack heavy. Not when all your adventure gear is provided. You’ll have ample opportunity to take advantage of the yacht’s snorkelling gear, kayaks and fishing equipment. As incredible as this yacht is, you’ll no doubt find it hard to stay out of that glistening, clear water. This is the Great Barrier Reef after all.


Your next luxury holiday aboard the M.Y. Flying Fish 

Are you looking for a memorable yacht charter that combines adventure, luxury, fine dining and nature? Book your next luxury holiday aboard the M.Y. Flying Fish. We guarantee you won’t ever look back.


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